How Justin Bieber Got Famous

Name: Justin Bieber | Age: 16 | Net Worth: $25.5 Million

Where do you even begin to describe international, teen, pop star Justin Bieber? Well, lets try the beginning. Justin was just a regular teen living in Canada. However, unlike other teens, Justin posted videos of himself on YouTube singing popular song covers. A smart tactic we cover in one of our tips which you can find here.

From there, Justin was discovered by his future manager, Scooter Braun, who came across one of his videos while browsing YouTube. Justin was then flown to Atlanta where he auditioned in front of Usher who signed him. His first album, My World and it’s updated version My World 2.0 has sold over 4 million copies, not including the additional eight million songs digitally downloaded.

Justin is not only scoring big in the music realm but also in merchandise sales. From t-shirts to lunch boxes to his new book, Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever, My Story, Justin is surely bringing in the big bucks. A $3 million deal with Proactive doesn’t hurt either!

All this from being discovered online!

Today, Justin is touring around the world. His current 75 city tour is said to be bringing in proceeds of $22 million. He’s not the first artist discovered online and he won’t be the last. Could you be next?

Justin Bieber's Ferrari

Don’t you wish you had Justin Bieber’s Ferrari?


You can be just like Justin Bieber. Justin was a regular person before he did some simple things that can make anyone famous. All it takes is one person to come across your talent to change your life forever. Be sure you follow all our tips and read the Instant Celebrity guide to make sure you’re the next big star!

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  • sarah

    i <3  justin bieber i just wish i could be on youtube like him but my mom won't let me 

  • Modernstx

    Your moms a sloot. 

  • Taryn

    OMG my mom says i got a pretty good voice and i get alot of commonts when i preform in talent shows when i dance. so many people wish that they could be like jb, sean kingston, and so many more celebritys, but what advice do i give to everyone with a dream, “dream until your dreams come true” – Taryn Miller. Justin bieber has done so much and so has all the other celebritys. i am JBs ultimate fan and no one forget that. LOL ( ; 

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